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Myofascial Release


What is it?

Myo means muscle and Fascia means connective tissue. Fascia is like your internal “Spider-man” webbing, which interweaves through your whole body, giving it shape and protection. Fascia covers every muscle fiber, encases all joints and supports your organs in their place. There is no beginning or end, which means that restriction, trauma or injury on one part of the fascia system can literally affect the entire body. The good news is – this also works in reverse! Release even a small area of restricted fascia and the entire body can respond in profound ways.


Experience it

 Myofascial Release uses gently sustained pressure to soften, lengthen and reorganize your entire system. The effects are typically permanent, which is what sets it apart from regular massage treatments. You should notice less pain, increased range of motion, improved whole-body mobility, and feel more connected and comfortable in your own skin.


Make the choice

Myofascial restrictions can cause pain and restriction of motion. So, before you decide that you just have to “live with pain, restriction or limited mobility“, or have surgery, give Myofascial Release a try. It just might be the puzzle piece you are missing.  


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