What are people saying?


Erin Y

I went to see Lorie as a last resort after years of abdominal pain following four surgeries. I was desperate but wasn’t really expecting any relief – I had seen half a dozen doctors from multiple specialties and no one had helped me so far.

My first session could only be described as transformative and I immediately purchased a package of ten sessions. As I continued to see Lorie I began to understand the true healing power of myofacial release. I’d always believed in the mind-body connection but I didn’t fully comprehend the notion of storing pain and trauma in the body and the need to release it. The more I saw Lorie, the more my physical symptoms subsided but more importantly, the better I felt emotionally.

Although I initially went to see Lorie to relieve chronic abdominal pain caused by bowel adhesions, I’ve discovered a much deeper healing in her care. I’ve been able to release pain I didn’t know I was holding onto and become a much healthier person in every way. I now go back to Lorie when my body tells me I need to and I always have the same experience - return to wellbeing! 

Mike D

I want to tell you about a person who changed my life. Nine years ago my family physician told me to make an appointment with Lorie regarding some serious issues I had with both shoulders; I could not raise my arms above a parallel level without a lot of pain. In addition to that, I was in serious personal pain having lost my spouse of thirty-seven years to cancer the previous year. All of this was creating some debilitating happenings in my body. 

Lorie not only used her Myofacial Release skills to fix my shoulders, but through her sensitivity to a person’s feelings and inner pain she helped me to understand how my body was reacting to my personal distress. Because of her innate ability to perceive one’s state of mind and connections to one’s physicality issues, Lorie is able to treat the “whole” patient. She has helped me become a person of well-being and one who understands the working of his body. If you need help fixing the entirety of who you are, please see her as soon as you are able. I will forever be indebted to what she has taught me and the friend she has become. 

Holly B

I sincerely recommend Lorie Legatski at Therapeutic Relief as a highly qualified practitioner of Myofascial Release. I developed a head tremor in my mid 50's and lost all quality of life after receiving Botox injections in the back of my head, neck and shoulders for several years from a neurologist at Swedish Hospital in Denver. Because my muscles were paralyzed, I couldn't hold my head up straight, lean over a plate to eat or bend over a sink to wash my face. The Dr's referral to Lorie was a 'last resort'. She became my miracle. After a year of therapy, my muscles regained their strength and memory and I could walk and move without pain or struggle. My entire body was aligned, my sitting and standing postures improved and my debilitating tremors were/are almost completely undetectable. I love walking, hiking, biking and four-wheeling now in my mid 60's, activities possible only because of my rehabilitation. Lorie is the most intuitive therapist I have ever encountered; all stretches, exercises and instructions are carefully designed for muscle group needs and my capabilities as an individual. I'm a walking testimony of her expertise in this area. She is unconditionally dedicated to the assistance and support of her clients. -Holly B.

Char Carbone

I was involved in a car accident 8 months ago. The pain I was experiencing in my neck was out of control. I tried many things to try and help myself. Nothing worked. My life as I knew it, stopped completely.  My next step was surgery on my spine.  From a very trusted friend in the medical field, it was suggested that as a last attempt, I try Myofascial treatment. I was given LORIE LEGATSKI’S name.  When I met with her the first time, she wanted me to share in detail the accident.  Her work began!  I went home after that session and slept pain free for the first time in months. I would like to add not having to use pain meds helped me feel like there really was hope for healing. Every session I get stronger physically. Just as important is my mental state. The dreams, nightmares and sitting on the edge of my bed in tears has stopped. During my sessions, I have learned about other things that are going on in my body. I have always loved going to therapy and talking through things on my mind. Lorie has now enabled me to do two things at once!  Physical work in conjunction with emotional..........what more could someone ask for? I always tease Lorie and tell her she is a witch......a very very good witch! She has a way of getting to the root of issues.   I can not say enough about Lorie, her kindness and support!  I am a true believer of Myofascial Release and of Lorie Legatski!